Building a better world with a better business partnership


Troy’s Bookkeeping is both a member & supporter of these programs.

We believe that, while making profit in business is the primary concern of every business owner, we should conduct business in an ethical way so that these businesses and can all grow.  We also believe in the example of Warren Buffett & other philanthropists, that those who are in a position to do so, should have an avenue to provide tangible support to others less fortunate than themselves.



This group of Entrepreneurs is looking to change the business landscape, by doing things to build businesses in a purely ethical way.  In addition to the collaboration of these trusted entrepreneurs and the support of their individual businesses, it is also a central focus of the “Alliance” to give a portion of our profits to humanitarian endeavours, supporting others to build their own lives and achieve their goals, to re-engage with society in a productive sense if they have seen themselves the victim of homelessness or joblessness & are unable to get the support they need through “traditional” governmental means.



Global Influencers are a team of entrepreneurs who have been brought together to effect the change they want to see on an international level. Together, we are helping to support clean water projects in India & other impoverished nations, as well as providing support & skills for members of these remote communities to establish micro-enterprises to support themselves & allow their communities to grow, so they can afford the simple things that we take for granted – like safety & education.

There are other projects in the pipeline as well, like a program to assist women in rural areas or victims of domestic violence & disengagement to take control of their own destiny. The program is designed to support them by passing along skills so they can establish their own micro-businesses, acknowledging the struggle and difficulty to return to the workforce that these circumstances bring, both mentally & financially.

Please JOIN US in the support of these programs.

A portion of our profits go to these endeavours & if you want to assist but aren’t sure how or where to start, let us work with you to make it happen.